5 tactical flashlights that will light up the sky in 2016!

light-cone-314072_1280-textI remember when I was a child the common flashlights were made of plastic, with a little breakable bulb inside.

Nowadays regular flashlights have become much better. Most of the time, they can handle water and battery life is pretty acceptable.

In a survival or personal / family emergency situation though, you would need something more. For these situations we have tactical flashlights.

What can you expect from tactical flashlights?

Tactical flashlight are used in the hardest of circumstances. Because of this they should:

  • be well made for maximum durability.
  • have a long lasting battery life.
  • have a high number of Lumens (how bride it shines)
  • be of a high grade built. The good ones are made of weapon grade aluminium and have a textured grip.
  • be usable as a defensive weapon. Of course they can be used for punching somebody but just shining the light in somebodies eyes will already disorient them. There are even stories around of people skaring away bears just by using the strong light of a tactical flashlight!

Our reviews

We reviewed 5 of the most favorite tactical flashlights around. The reviews were done based on independent user reviews plus our own experience with the subject at hand.

The following 5 tactical flashlights where reviewed.

J5 tactical flashlights

J5 tactical Flashlight

J5 Tactical V1-Pro Flashlight

Popular small flashlight, good value for money.


Fenix PD35 tactical flashlights

Fenix PD35

Fenix PD35 TAC Edition Tactical Flashlight

A bit more expensive, but has a very respectable 960LM brightness.


Streamlight 88040 tactical flashlights

Streamlight 88040

Streamlight 88040 ProTac HL High Lumen Professional Tactical Light

Mid priced, with a very acceptable 600LM


Vizeri LED tactical flashlights

Vizeri LED Tactical Flashlight

Vizeri VZ230 Tactical Flashlight Hi-Lumen Precision Focusing

Small, with an impressive battery life. Accepts different type of batteries.


Salary tactical flashlights

Solaray tactical flashlight

Solaray Pro ZX-1XL Professional Series Flashlight

Nice design with long runtime. Has a whopping 1200LM



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