Can you recognize common poisonous plants ?

I always love going into the forest. It calms me down, gives me energy and un-stresses me a lot!

Having small children, I noticed that there are a lot of small (and larger!) dangers in the forest that I need to teach them about. I think it’s good to teach your children in an early age the dangers (and love) of the forest.

One of the important things to learn is what not to touch! There are a lot of poisonous plants and flowers that can hurt or just irritate you a lot.

This is even worse in more tropical countries! I travelled a lot in central and south america and because I didn’t know most of the plants there, I just preferred to not touch anything there. I also, always, wore long pants when I went into the forest there.

The most common poisonous plants to watch out for in the US are Poison Ivy, Poison Oak and Poison Sumac. To help you recognize them; here are a few images of them.

Make sure your kids also know how to recognize them! 🙂


The website has a nice article about these poisonous plants. Well worth reading! Props for the images above also go to



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