SHTF Prepping: Amazing Tips, Tricks, Hacks and DIY Prepper Projects

“SHTF Prepping …” is a good read with some interesting ideas. The tips are simple, practical and aimed at simplifying the life. There are some useful and interesting things in there.

It can be useful to anyone living anywhere since these tactics and tips can be applied to a modern world “doomsday” and not just for people who get stranded in the wilderness  somewhere.

The author does a great job breaking down the step-by-step instructions on prepping and also goes into detail about growing crops as well. I also liked the fact that the author goes into detail about budgeting and breaks down monthly expense planning.

The price is not listed on this page but is around $5 for the eBook version and about $6.95 for the paperback, so it will not break the bank!



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